Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We have been a tungsten carbide manufacturer since 2001. We have a monthly production capacity of over 80 tons of tungsten carbide products. We can provide customized hard alloy products according to your requirements.

What certifications does your company have?

Our company has obtained ISO9001, ISO1400, CE, GB/T20081 ROHS, SGS, and UL certifications. Additionally, we conduct 100% testing on our hard alloy products before delivery to ensure product quality and compliance with relevant standards.

What is your lead time for delivery?

Generally, it takes 7 to 25 days after order confirmation. The specific delivery time depends on the product and the quantity you require.

Do you provide samples? Is there a fee for them?

Yes, we provide free samples, but the customer is responsible for the shipping cost.

Does the company accept custom orders?

Yes, we have the capability to fulfill custom orders and manufacture non-standard hard alloy components based on unique specifications to meet specific customer requirements.

What is the process for customizing non-standard products?

The process for customizing non-standard products typically includes the following steps:

√Requirement communication: Detailed understanding of the product requirements, including specifications, materials, and functionalities.

√Technical evaluation: Our engineering team evaluates the feasibility and provides technical suggestions and solutions.

√Sample production: Samples are manufactured according to customer requirements for review and confirmation.

√Sample confirmation: Customers test and evaluate the samples and provide feedback.

√Custom production: Mass production is carried out based on customer confirmation and requirements.

√Quality inspection: Strict inspection of the customized products for quality and performance.

√Delivery: The products are shipped to the customer's designated location according to the agreed-upon time and method.

How is the company's after-sales service?

We prioritize after-sales service and strive for customer satisfaction. We provide timely technical support, product warranties, and after-sales service to ensure optimal performance and experience when using our hard alloy products.

What is the company's international trade process?

We have extensive experience and a professional team in international trade. We handle various international trade processes, including order confirmation, logistics arrangement, customs declaration, and delivery. We ensure smooth transactions and compliance with international trade regulations and requirements.

What are the company's payment methods?

We accept various payment methods, including bank transfers, letters of credit, and Alipay/WeChat Pay. The specific payment method can be negotiated and arranged based on the specific order and customer requirements.

How does the company handle customs clearance and related procedures?

With our experienced international trade team, we are familiar with customs clearance and related procedures. We ensure correct customs declaration in accordance with regulations and requirements of the destination country. We provide the necessary documents and information to facilitate a smooth customs clearance process.

How does the company manage risks and compliance in international trade?

We attach great importance to risk management and compliance requirements in international trade. We comply with international trade regulations and standards and collaborate with professional legal and compliance advisors to manage and control risks during the transaction process.

Does the company provide international trade documents and certificates?

Yes, we can provide necessary international trade documents and certificates such as invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, and quality certificates. These documents will be prepared and provided according to your order and the requirements of the destination country.

How can I contact the company for more information or business cooperation?

You can reach us for more information or business cooperation through the following channels:

Write your message here and send it to us

We look forward to establishing a cooperative relationship with you and providing you with high-quality hard alloy products and services.